Air Nostrum is a regional aviation company with an on-going commitment aimed at the application and improvement of its Quality, Environmental and Work Risk Prevention Policy.

The company has established as its main objective the attainment of the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. In order to achieve this, it has created an important pool of human resources and technical expertise designed to provide customers an efficient, high quality service.        

The implementation of a successful environmental policy reinforced by an ISO 14001 certification is guaranteed to provide a working framework for the effective environmental management of the company’s ground and maintenance operations in a clear demonstration of its commitment to the environment.    

Thanks to its work risk prevention policy measures, employees are provided with a safe and healthy working environment with those working in work risk areas being afforded a wide range of protection measures. 

Air Nostrum Environmental Policy 

The Air Nostrum Environmental Policy document signed by the company’s main executives, reads as follows:- 

Environmental Policy                 

AIR NOSTRUM considers the Environmental Management System implanted by the Company of great importance. The afore-mentioned management system was created to minimize the environmental impact of the Company’s aircraft maintenance and ground equipment activities as part of its on-going contribution to sustainable development.

As such, AIR NOSTRUM hereby commits to the pursuance of the following objectives:-


1.  COMPLIANCE: Full compliance with all appropriate environmental regulations and any other requisites relevant to its activities. 


2.  PREVENTION: Prevention of contamination and reduction of resource consumption within the scope of its activities, revising procedures and using, when and wherever possible, the best technology available.     


3.  EVALUATION: Evaluation and review of all environmental aspects of its activities, assessing and managing any possible risks to ensure better protection of the environment.



4.  SUPERVISION: Supervision of its company procedures through the use of a wide variety of environmental indicators.



5.  TRAINING: Continual training of company staff to ensure the circulation of up-to-date information, improving the environmental awareness of all concerned.



6.  CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Defining targets and objectives that foment the principles set out in its environmental policy, continuously reviewing the management system, looking for opportunities for possible improvement.



7.  COLLABORATION: Collaboration with government bodies, airport operators, public and private organizations, leaders of aviation industry suppliers and other interested parties in order to ensure transparency and continuous improvement in its activities.



8.  DIFFUSION: Providing company staff, airport management and external suppliers with full information on its environmental policy, guaranteeing access to all interested parties.





Read the complete Air Nostrum Enviromental Policy (in Spanish only)