Passengers in Spain should call Serviberia (901 111 500) for information regarding flight times, tariffs, reservations and ticket purchase. Full information on national and international Iberia offices can be found in the Passenger Guide section of the Iberia website:


Our customers are our best source of information and, it is with this in mind, we are always pleased to receive customer feedback. Due to circumstances beyond our control and the complexity of aviation, incidents and timetable alterations may occur in spite of our efforts.


The posterior analysis of flight incidents allows us to achieve our objective: to redesign procedures in such a way as to avoid possible analogue situations and obtain sufficient information for the improvement of our customer service.


Please do not hesitate to forward your complaints, suggestions or any other comments you may wish to make.



Iberia Customer Care Centre



PO Box, 36315,

28080 Madrid.



Tel. 902 111 342

PO Box 36299

28080 Madrid.


For calls from outside of Spain, passengers should call an Iberia office or consult the Iberia website,