European airlines have voluntarily agreed to the following Airline Passenger Service Commitment whose goal is to provide passengers with a higher service quality by offering detailed information on the basic conditions of airline passenger services.


The new European Passenger Service Commitment covers a wide variety of areas and establishes the type of services passengers may expect before travel, during travel and after travel. Amongst these service conditions is one to improve the accessibility of air travel to people with reduced mobility by ensuring their needs are understood and provided for and their safety and dignity respected.


The European Commission and Civil Aviation European Conference met with the signatory airlines, airport authorities and consumer organisations, amongst others, before signing the agreement.

The signatory airlines of the Airline Passenger Service Commitment have agreed to:-


·       Offer the lowest available fare on each of its direct distribution channels  

·       Honour the agreed fare after payment.


·       Notify passengers of known delays, cancellations and diversions


·       Assist passengers facing delays


·       Deliver baggage as quickly as possible


·       Allow telephone reservations to be held or cancelled without commitment or penalty within 24 hours


·       Provide prompt refunds


·       Provide assistance to passengers with reduced mobility and passengers with special needs


·       Meet passengers’ essential needs during long on-aircraft delays


·       Take measures to speed up check-in


·       Reduce the number of passengers who are involuntarily denied boarding


·       Provide information to passengers regarding its commercial and operational conditions


·       Provide information on operating carrier


·       Be responsive to passengers’ complaints


·       Attend to the needs of passengers with reduced mobility


Some of the company’s priorities are to improve customer service by increasing punctuality, reducing customer service complaints, offering new and improved customer services and providing a permanent high quality passenger service.


Further information with regard to the new European Passenger Service Commitment can be obtained on the Iberia website:-