As an aviation company, Air Nostrum provides the ideal backdrop for third-party advertising and sales promotion providing the perfect setting for the inclusion of brand names and logotypes on both aircraft fittings and the usable and expendable elements usually found in aircraft cabins.

Using the company’s aircraft cabins for promotional or advertising purposes enables the capture of an attentive audience for a minimum period of an hour or so. Passengers are far more likely to centre their attention on their surroundings during an aircraft flight, receiving information with a higher level of intensity, than could be expected via other means of publicity or sales promotion.

Another important advantage of this type of advertising is, in this case, that the type of customer is clearly defined. This enables advertisers to adapt their advertising and sales promotions to the individual recipient. A total 62% of Air Nostrum passengers, whether travelling for business or pleasure, can be considered middle to upper middle class.

It is considered that this type of passenger is generally more likely to be receptive of inflight advertising whilst travelling compared with other more traditional advertising channels, constituting important first line potential customers for particular products and services. The impact of the opinions of this illusive upscale consumer is also much higher not only because of their social position, but because of the multiple contacts they establish both inside and outside of the areas in which they travel.        

Inflight advertising can be included on a variety of elements such as:-

·         Headrests

·         Serviettes

·         Refresher towels

·         Tray tables

·         Tray mats

·         Overhead bins

In addition to the inclusion of logotypes, the company also accepts different types of graphic material for distribution amongst passengers on the flights it operates.

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