Air Nostrum is authorised to provide base and line aircraft maintenance on the regional aviation aircraft for which it has been approved. It is certified to carry out structural repairs and modifications and, at the same time, supply spare parts, aircraft components and material while providing engineering support.   

The Air Nostrum hangar stands out as one of Europe’s largest regional aircraft maintenance hangers. It has a surface area of 6,100 m2, a workshop and warehouse area of 3,500 square meters and an office area of 1,800 square meters. It is holder of both an EASA PART-145 aircraft maintenance certificate and ISO-14401 environmental management certificate.   

Air Nostrum is able to provide first class third-party maintenance thanks to the close relationship it maintains with both regional aircraft manufacturers and component suppliers. Customer personnel are, during their stay, provided with office space along with other types of amenities.

Air Nostrum Aircraft Maintenance

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