Measures adopted as a result of Covid-19
So that you can plan your trip with peace of mind




Before you fly
















All passengers originating from any airport outside Spanish territory must fill in a public health form known as the 'Health Control Form'.  


This will be done electronically; therefore, all passengers travelling to Spain must complete it before starting their journey at, or using the SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH-SpTH app. Once the form is completed, passengers will get a QR code associated with their trip to be presented upon arrival in Spain. Exceptionally, international passengers who have not been able to complete the 'Health Control Form' online may present it upon arrival in Spain in paper form.



During the quarantine period, the persons referred to in the preceding paragraph shall stay at their home or accommodation; they shall limit their movements, and any visitors to their home or accommodation, to those essential for carrying out the following activities:



They must also follow all hygiene guidelines and measures aimed at preventing the transmission of the disease caused by COVID-19 during quarantine, as well as in their contact with other people living with them and with those who provide them with the goods or services essential to ensure their food, cleanliness and, where appropriate, health care.


Health authorities may contact quarantined persons for follow-up. Law enforcement agencies may also carry out the necessary checks on compliance with the quarantine conditions set out in this order at any given time.


In the event of suspected symptoms of COVID-19, quarantined persons should contact the health services by telephone using the numbers provided by the Autonomous Communities, indicating that they are in quarantine.




Protection and prevention measures




·        Children under 6 years of age.

·        Passengers with heart or lung diseases with a supporting medical certificate.

·        People suffering from any kind of respiratory illness or difficulty which might be worsened by the use of face masks or, due to their disabilities or dependence have no autonomy to remove the mask, or who have behavioural alterations making it impossible to use them.











Health and safety on board





  • We kindly ask passengers to follow the established health guidelines on board the aircraft:


·       Hand washing: Particularly before eating or drinking, and after using the lavatory or touching any shared surface.

·        Proper use of face masks.

·        Respiratory etiquette: Please cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing into your elbow, even when wearing a face mask.

·        Limit contact with cabin surfaces.

·        Avoid queueing in the aisle or while waiting to use the lavatory.

·        Reduce the use of individual air vents as much as possible.

·        Always follow the instructions given by the aircrew and the promotional material and the information system on board the plane.

·        Avoid as much as possible moving around in the cabin and aisle thorough the flight.



  • We remind passengers that the use of face masks is mandatory and does not replace the established prevention measures such as social distancing, respiratory etiquette, hand washing and avoiding touching your face, nose, eyes and mouth. We also remind you that the use of gloves does not prevent the spread of the virus and gives a false sense of security. In case of wearing gloves, they must be replaced regularly, and disinfecting them is not recommended.


  • If during the flight any passenger wishes to change their face mask or other personal protective equipment, they must inform the aircrew for collection. At the end of the flight, passengers must take all personal belongings, gloves, masks or other personal items used during the flight and not leave them behind in the plane in any case due to the health risk this poses 



Adapted on-board service


  • To reduce contact and therefore the risks, our in-flight meals and drinks service has been adapted in Business class. In-flight shopping services has been suspended on all our flights.


  • We have also removed the usual services: in-flight magazines, pillows, blankets and children's activity books.


  • Our in-flight entertainment online platform is still available and can be used by passengers with their own mobile devices.


  • We have reinforced the hand soap in all aircraft toilet facilities. In aircrafts with more than one lavatory, the one closest to the cockpit will be for aircrew use only.


  • And during flights we offer messages from the health authorities about detection, protection and reporting illness.





Passengers with disabilities


  • Passengers with disabilities may access the terminal with family members, travel companions, personal assistants and, if applicable, a qualified and trained assistance dog that meets the existing travel criteria (training, certificate from an accredited entity, pet passport, mandatory vaccines).


  • Physical distancing measures and restrictions for people who are not traveling should not prevent passengers with disabilities from being in close co, ntact w, ith their family members, travel companions and assistants.


  • Check-in and boarding staff will provide you with all necessary information on COVID-19 prevention measures. You will also find visual information and hear cabin announcements with the COVID-19 measures at any time on board the aircraft. Information will also be available on Regional Play on selected aircraft.


  • All the necessary information on COVID-19 measures will be also be available to passengers during their stay in the terminal buildings, in information leaflets and information desks at the airports, as well as in the assistance services for passengers with disabilities.








More information about these measures can be found on the Iberia website:

Please follow these recommendations from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) for safe travel:


Quick guide on how to properly use the face mask (Ministry of Health) in Spanish:


Passengers can find more information about travel restrictions per country in the following website of the International Air Transport Association (IATA):